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Davison Gallery, Roberts Wesleyan College

COLLAGE Journal services art exhibitions in university and college galleries all over the world, especially to highlight, review, and analyze the artworks of university faculty. Most art journals and magazines have overlooked exhibitions that take place in university galleries and museums. Our publications celebrate the important educational aspects of contemporary creativity found in the works of college faculty. The neglect of exhibitions in college venues, and the subordination of expressive productions by university faculty provide an opportunity for COLLAGE Journal to review and promote these neglected aspects of visual culture as the fountain and womb of experimental, technological, and creative activities.

We will publish the first issue of COLLAGE Journal this winter. We are building a consortium of university and college galleries as a pool on which to draw for publications in COLLAGE Journal. We invite college museums and galleries to submit documents including gallery statements, exhibition schedules, short articles, essays, curatorial reports, statements by featured artists, and visual media pertaining to current and upcoming exhibitions in your galleries and museums.

We look forward to working with college museum curators, artists, and educators to ensure that your activities are given the global dissemination that they deserve. COLLAGE Journal is located in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Austin, Texas. The George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, Austin, is one of our supporters. Our international partners include the University of African Art in Nigeria.



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